Hanging by the pool

It wasn’t the culture I was familiar with when I came to the States. Not even until I moved to California. Southern California is famous for its beautiful beaches and easy access to them. But sunbathing in the beach was still not my thing then. While I enjoy the relaxing time under the sun, I need to have a convenient shower close by, which was the major reason I didn’t do beach-sunbathing. Occasional Vegas visits were it for sunbathing while I lived in California.

Houston is different. It is such a temperature-hot city that requires an iced coffee and hanging by the pool. So I started sunbathing and have enjoyed it very much so far. Probably I was the lazy grasshopper in my previous life or the ant who worked hard all her years.

On the last Thursday, after a long day at work and home (cooking for a gathering), I was totally exhausted and went to the gym at almost 10 at night. My gym’s outdoor pool was empty and quiet as a winter beach. I did swim almost all by myself and felt great as if I was shooting a movie. The water was ice-cold but the atmosphere was comforting with dim lights and low music in the background.

And on the Saturday, I had my first 2012 sunbathing after workout.  The temperature was at the high 80s, breezes were cool and the sun was straight and mild. An hour and half passed at a blink. Such a lovely relaxing time. I am the lazy grasshopper.

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