Heavenly Rest Stop

It was really a heavenly stop for me. My first snow in seven years was troublesome in my third day in Manhattan. On the way to Guggenheim Museum, I took a wrong stop off of the M2 bus so had to walk down about ten blocks in a pair of Houston friendly Toms. My feet were freezing cold and wet.


In the corner of Church of the Heavenly Rest (5th Avenue + E 90th, Manhattan), this little heavenly cafe welcomed me, tired and hungry. The only attendant seemed busy closing the day but I ordered the soup of the day with a cup of Early Grey, costing less than 10 dollars. He wasn’t that friendly. The soup wasn’t good either. But who cares? It was a heavenly rest stop.


There were five to six red tables with matching chairs, which went well with its usual grey-colored church building. Inside was quiet and (I felt) solemn. I would visit again if I am around. Next time, I will take a moment to sit and pray in the church, too.


   There were people (all female) like me who enjoyed their quiet and resting there. I wondered if they were tourists from a warm city like me.


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