think coffee

I always think being a college student is a privilege. Whenever possible, I pay a visit to a university or college where I feel refreshed and vibrant. On my second day of the Manhattan trip, I went to New York University without much expectations because NYU is a composite of buildings without a conventional beautiful campus. As I walked down to lower Manhattan from the bus terminal, I began to feel liveliness of young people on the streets and unexpectedly encountered ‘think coffee’. It was 248 Mercer St, Manhattan.


think coffee is known for its support for fair trade between coffee farmers and their buyers. I had no idea how much a cup of coffee purchase would help but I wanted to try it. Contrary to its cute modern brand logo, inside looked vintage.


It was full of people, many of whom looked students and which left me no seat. I contemplated for a moment as to whether to stay or leave. However, due to its scarce locations, five in lower Manhattan and one in Seoul, I chose to stay. The four seats facing the menus were occupied with four persons each with a Macboook Air as if an Apple Store. On the contrary, some people were writing in the old way, like a writer or aspiring writer writing with a pencil on a small notepad. Anyway, the ambience was academic, and I enjoyed it very much. But one major drawback was its unisex filthy restroom.



The best Earl Grey I’ve ever had!

* I find it fun blogging about cafe experiences and want to visit more cafes in different cities. It was exciting to visit ‘think coffee’. However, as I was writing about my visit, to be frank, I realized once more that I was too shy while taking pictures and seeing through the cafe. I hope to get more comfortable in an unfamiliar place so that I write more about it with more pictures.

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