Thunderbird Coffee

It was another unexpected encounter with a cute cafe during a trip. Hungry, a bit early for lunch, we drove by this cafe and stopped by to have a quick bite with a coffee. It seemed Thunderbird Coffee was a lovable place for locals including UT students (1401 West Koenig Lane, Austin).


A red thunderbird on the sky blue wall was noticeable, and I will show you a real thunderbird in the sky at the end of this posting. The menu was simple. We had a coffee and a bagel (the cost is not in my memory, but it was sure reasonable.) The coffee tasted similar to that of think coffee’s, that is, unusual for me. Maybe I am only used to Starbucks and Nespresso.


Interior was comfortable and it had outside tables as well. Its colorful interior went well with its young customers who were studying even on a Saturday morning. In retrospect, a Saturday morning was perfect for study in an easy setting. Thurderbird Coffee must be such place in such time. Hah, I miss my school years.


Taken from Lake Thunderbird Natural Park, OK, so I assume it is a thunderbird.


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