Spider House

I Googled Spider House, which was the #1 Austin cafe in someone’s article. Spider House is a dual-purpose spot, cafe in the day and bar in the night. Inside was bar-enough and outside was cafe-enough (2908 Fruth Street, Austin). It was a Sunday noon and I expected a usual cafe ambience. But its first impression was a spooky and empty bar where people are all gone after a drunken night.


I didn’t have a chance to listen to his music nor talk to him, but he appeared to be a cafe musician, who plays nice music at night for the bar.


Inside was small and dark but with many seats. There was a notice to students not to occupy a seat too long as the seats are limited. The notice would be no use for customers like me as the cafe wasn’t that comfortable to stay long.


As spooky as a voodoo house.



I ordered a drip coffee and a chai spice latte ($7.58 in total). The latte was good, but I don’t even remember the taste of the coffee as it was warm (not hot) due to the thick mug, which reminded me of Starbucks’ cute but useless mugs for sale. For my taste, hot drink should be hot and cold drink cold.


Wonder how its teas taste.

Wonder how its teas taste.

In Los Angeles, there is a popular and famous brunch cafe called ‘Alcove Cafe & Bakery’ (www.alcovecafe.com). As I lived about 40 minutes away, I didn’t get to visit there many times but it became my favorite place on my first visit because of its comfortable yet classy atmosphere. Why am I suddenly mentioning the brunch cafe? Spider House looked a recycle version of Alcove. Everything seemed recycled. There even was a recycle center in the back. The musician at the entrance was decorating his stage with things from the recycle center. Alcove used to be a house as well and created a homey feeling. Spider House was similar in that sense but I hoped it would be a bit neater/cleaner. Haha.



A coke vending machine! How old would this be?

I am unsure if I would visit there again on my next Austin trip. It could be a cool and fun spot for drinkers.

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