Mozart’s Coffee Roasters

As we were getting close to Mozart’s Coffee Roaster (3825 Lake Austin Blvd,  Austin), my hope was getting up in the sight of a lake. Except that self-parking was so narrow and small to fit our car, I was excited to see this musical-feeling cafe. The night was chilly so its empty outdoor seatings felt a bit of gloomy with a dark lake view.


With only a few people outside and a few more in line for cashier, I thought the cafe was quiet and slow, which was wrong.



The inside seatings were full, and the baristar’s hands were as busy as those of a ghost caught in a picture. I assume the crowdness was it was a saturday evening and the saturday before UT Austin’s orientation (many family customers). They need two more hands to handle espresso coffe orders. It took a while to taste a latte but it was worth waiting. The price was reasonable for the value the cafe provides, i.e. nice views and a good and comfortable ambience.




We were surprised by the number of seatings at Mozart’s. If it was warmer, it would’ve been great to enjoy a warm or a cold latte outside! What a view. IMG_6251


More seatings downstairs

More seatings downstairs

I don’t know why its name contains Mozart (maybe the founder’s last name) as there was no trace of music on the visit. There is a live music on Mondays, though. However, I think I know why it’s Coffee Roasters. 🙂


* I wish my photos looked sharper. I confess I am too lazy to learn to use flash shots. All of the above are no-flash shots which don’t allow a bit of movement. That is why they looked so.

2 thoughts on “Mozart’s Coffee Roasters

    • Mozart’s was such a beautiful place. It was more so as I didn’t expect that view. If you could recommend me any other good cafes in Austin, I would appreciate it. And I could make you more jealous. Haha. 🙂

      We visited Austin three weekends in a row and found the city was very beautiful and still has more to offer.

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