Dueling Piano Bar, Pete’s

The 6th street was busier and warmer than the last week. We drove to Austin again after work on Friday and were excited to enjoy the much warmer temperature. It appeared the city (or around the university) was getting ready for a new semester after a Christmas break. Of course, it was hard to find a parking spot (minus) but Monster (the energy drink brand) was giving out chilled Monsters (plus). Many bars were ‘no cover’, but this one asked $5 per person. Where many other bars left windows open so passersby could hear their loud music, ‘Pete’s was rather quiet.


Two pianos faced each other, and two men (one at each) were playing a song. I doubted if I would enjoy this bar as I am not familiar with American songs (even though I’ve lived in this country 1.5 decades). There were tables around the stage, which were almost occupied and about the same number of people were standing.


We were two low alcohol-tolerant people. By experience, we bought only a glass of Margarita and were even unable to finish it. As our faces were getting red over a Margarita, the bar enjoyed a continuous array of people and we the songs. People submitted song requests, most of which were good for sing along even for me.



Thankfully, Pete’s opened another branch in Houston downtown. I would for sure visit there as well. The bar was very enjoyable and relaxed. As you can see in the photos, the age group of bar customers is apparently not the college student’s, which made the ambience rather comfortable.

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