Mount Bonnell

It was another great discovery in Austin. For non-Austin residents like us, Mount Bonnell was a hidden and secretive place. I always have a thing for a house in the mountain where any view is a plus. On the way to Mount Bonnell made me jealous of the anonymous residents of the houses sitting nicely along the woods path. We parked between other cars and walked without knowing what is waiting for us.

Below is a view to the right at the beginning of the trail. Isn’t it pretty and peaceful? We were so glad that we made to this great place. The view was more refreshing in the warm weather.


I was curious how long this path would be and what is waiting at the end of it.


A view to the left almost at the end of the trail. It was a dead end (I think it is) only after a short walk, unfortunately. I wish it was longer so I could enjoy the view more. No complaint as as cool breezes soothed my disappointment. What a short trail with such a view.


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