Preview of the SoCo District

If the 6th Street was a place for the night, the SoCo District was one for the day. It must be a great place for a weekend brunch. But we had another place for lunch so we kind of skimmed through the district.


 The Texas State Capitol showed to the north, and along the road, there were independent shops, nice restaurants, mini markets and food trailers. Some street musicians were present. The weather was warm enough to wear short sleeves and shorts and made the ambience lively.


Food trailers.



Mini markets.



What my boy friend got me from the market. 🙂 I usually don’t buy things from this kind of market as I don’t find a good way to match with my outfit or am simply too lazy. However, this little pieces of accessory will look good on a pair of jeans and a simple loose t-shirt.


Adoption center and a 10-year old dog waiting for a new home.



* This time it was a preview. On our next visit, I will be covering more of the SoCo District.

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