Good Times Marina

I had a lunch at an unexpected place. Good Times Marina was located by a desolate lake and seemed a mom-and-pop cafe that has been there forever serving people around. And you would never find just driving by.


The entrance. Who would guess if it is a cafe and open? 🙂


It was only us. Perhaps I wouldn’t have tried this cafe if I was alone. I won’t explain how I ended up there as it is a long story. Anyway, I was glad I ate there. It felt somewhat cozy.


The food was so-so. But you wouldn’t complain if you saw the price list. The prices seemed to have not changed since the 1970s or so. Simple menu and humble prices. The ladies who ran and worked at the place looked at least over 65 – 70 years old!


A great view that wouldn’t allow you to complain about the cafe at all.


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