Street dogs

Where I live, it is not easy to see street dogs. On the same day I went to Good Times Marinas, I happened to see two street dogs, a mother and her puppy, while waiting in my car. I must have sympathized with the mother dog in the cold and windy weather. As I threw a leftover sweet potato at them, the mother dog, wary of me, let her puppy eat it.


It seemed they live around the fence, and the puppy played in and out of it while the mother dog was taking a rest in the sun. If I approached them, she walked away, followed by her puppy, but didn’t leave the spot as if it was their home. The mother dog remained close to her puppy. The puppy always followed her.
It was great to watch a mother dog taking care of her puppy. They were not hansom dogs, but the puppy was just adorable. The guy below seemed to decide take the puppy. I am unsure if it was right or not. But he did anyway and appeared to have called an animal rescue.
As I said, I sympathized with the mother dog, and she ran around as if looking for her puppy after the guy left with the puppy. How long would she look for her puppy? How much would she miss it? Was it right to take the puppy away? Many questions remain unanswered.

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