A little bit of Oklahoma – Nature

The journey back to Texas was very enjoyable, better than the city. Surprisingly, Texas and Oklahoma viewed on the Interstate driving were different. These two states would be considered flat, compared to other mountainous states, but Oklahoma was more hilly with more woods than Texas. The major difference I saw on I-35 was more horse ranches where I see more cow ranches on I-10. Ha Ha.

At Lake Murray. IMG_6047

Lots of thunderbirds were seen. It was a test of my new 55 ~ 250 mm lens, which has been almost no use in the city.


We ordered a pizza from a local gas/convenient store and ate it at an unknown park stone table. Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of the park as my focus was on eating. But I can assure you it felt great and relaxed to eat something outdoors.

At a camp ground by the lake. Ducks’ nesting area.


Nature of Oklahoma was something for me, very peaceful and lingered in my mind even after several days, which suddenly reminds me of my hope to visit Yellowstone National Park in the near future.

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