A beachfront cafe, Peru

I went through iPhoto to find any photos related to a cafe. The incident that hurt my self-esteem in English sort of fired me up in a way making me want to write more. The best way to improve my English and eventually write better is to read, think and write more. In that sense, I am writing this post one and half years later since the afternoon in Peru and without good photos for it. Even without a good memory about the visit. I will tell you why.

I can’t even think of the name of the beach, let alone the name of the cafe. I googled the cafe in vain. The closest I could find was the shopping center called Larcomar in Lima, Peru (it is still possible I am incorrect.). The center’s webpage showed only in Spanish and didn’t provide many photos to check against my memory.


The cafe was located in a shopping center in an affluent Peru neighborhood. It wasn’t any different from the ones in the US. Moreover, it had a great view. Must be one of the most popular cafes in Lima. Now I think I wish I brought my Canon camera for better photos. In the other hand, I should be appreciative to have had my iPhone with me as the trip wasn’t personal but my church’s a week-long mission trip. I won’t write what the mission trip was about and how it was because it seems too much to handle in this post and I already wrote a 3,837-word essay about the trip back then.


The visit was on our last afternoon after several days with the children in poverty. The very familiar affluence of the cafe and the area was somewhat uneasy for me. I wouldn’t have gone there if it was a solo personal trip, but I had no choice and also assumed that the missionaries who guided us wanted to show us a nice place in the city they love and to show us their appreciation.

IMG_0818If my memory is right, I ordered a latte. It came with four cups, one empty and the others with a shot(s) of espresso, (supposed-to-be) hot water and cream. The espresso was very strong, the water was just warm and the empty cup had dust. 🙂 However, the nice view complemented the latte in Peru’s chilly July weather.


In my memory, Peru (Lima) was in grey from the heavy dust without enough precipitation, unbreathable due to old cars’ serious emission and deeply affected by high inflation, as opposed to the affluence of the cafe ambience.

Maybe its ever famous and popular Machu Picchu would be giving me a different impression if I have the chance to try it. Hopefully.

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