Cathedral of Junk


Thanks to Trip Advisor, it is now easy to find popular and close visiting spots wherever we are at. It was such a clear and lovely Saturday when we visited Cathedral of Junk. GPS led us to a residential area and made us wonder about what we will see as it didn’t seem we would see a great thing in a moment. If there weren’t the unusual number of cars parked around Cathedral of Junk, we would have blamed inaccuracy of Trip Advisor, showing us nothing worth seeing.


The artist must be Ron Paul and look exactly like the caricature. As we entered his back yard, he welcomed us opening the gate, briefly explaining what’s there and adding donations are welcome.


Cathedral of Junk. All kinds of junk made quite a structure. There are cement-stuffed tires as steps leading to upstairs.

IMG_6588Most of the visitors looked college students, and some of them left traces.


A Beethoven bust that seems angry as he doesn’t belong here at Cathedral of Junk, especially in an abandoned bathtub with scribbles on the face. Ha Ha.

IMG_6594I loved this out-of-mind Barbie. Isn’t she funny?

IMG_6573The artist, Ron Paul. I had no doubt the caricature at the entrance was him. I wondered how neighbors would think of having this Cathedral of Junk in their neighborhood.

IMG_6600 Yes, don’t park in front of the mailbox. 🙂


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