Bennu Coffee

Silvia, who works with me, introduced this cafe to me in case if I visit Austin again (Thank you, Silvia!). Lately, hang around in Austin seems a routine as we love the city’s vibrant and youthful culture.

IMG_6642Bennu Coffee was a kind of relaxed library in a cafe setting, reminding me of my university library where I studied and worked. It was as quiet as a library so one even might feel bad chatting inside the coffee shop.


Bennu Coffee (2001 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Austin) is open 24 hours as you might have noticed on its sign and as exactly I had wished during my school years that I had one like this where you could feel the sense of kinship, sharing a feeling of both agony and accomplishment over study and assignments with other students at late night.

IMG_6621IMG_6641One interesting thing was the power outlets coming down from the ceiling. It was my first time seeing such a cute idea. (But, ironically enough, I am at my next cafe posting place where I see this kind of power outlets again. Maybe I am so used to Starbucks Coffee.)


I would love to try Bennu Coffee when I had some serious workload and if I lived nearby. If you need a serious talk, I wouldn’t recommend this place as it will be as if you endlessly chat in your university library. 🙂

More photos.




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