Esther’s Follies

We tried Esther’s Follies this time as we thought it was some kind of a magic show. Indeed, it was a comedy club house with magic shows, music and dances. One or two evening shows Thursday through Sunday and the tickets are sold for $24 person with a processing fee (two tickets came to $57 in total).


On the corner of 525 E. 6th ST., Austin.

IMG_6672The club house advised 30 ~ 40 minutes of advance arrivals, which we followed but I think we shouldn’t have. The people waiting for the show.

IMG_6687 The pre-show duo. The guy on the right kept saying they are not the show yet. Ha Ha. The guy on the left played some kind of drum, which appears to be an invention by him, and making funny and cute for his age facial expressions. I think most of the live shows are good thanks to its vividness. This pre-show was enjoyable.IMG_6727The magician, Ray. He performed several magics but was more of an entertainer. He seemed the main figure of Esther’s Follies.

IMG_6702Besides Magician Ray, I want to call him Scary Ray as he picked on people and even brought some to the stage. 🙂 The guy with his arms folded was the audience of the day as he participated in some parts throughout the show. I regretted that we sat on the second row, which was easily accessible by Scary Roy like the picture above. Ha Ha.

A review said that the was boring with old jokes, but who cares? We laughed a lot and enjoyed it very much. Worth the money.

More follies about the government and health care, high unemployment rates, school education, guns, etc.

IMG_6691 IMG_6717 IMG_6705

Some from the outside performers.


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