Hopdoddy Burger Bar

How do you pronounce it? Last time we visited So Co District, the long line got us curious. It was a Sunday late morning this time, and we were lucky to have a seat immediately.


Hopdoddy Burger Bar was a modern casual burger place with good beverage selections (hopdoddy.com). As its name indicates, there was a good portion of a bar. Instead of trying one of their popular drinks, I think, shakes, we had a coffee and a diet coke. Diet Coke and Root Beer were the only fountain sodas we were familiar with. πŸ™‚


We lined up to place an order prior to being seated.


Our order was The Classic Burger, Magic Shroom and Spinach & Arugula. The host gave us a seat number while we were placing the order at the counter.


Its modern interior.

IMG_6767Around my place, Beck’s Prime is a casual, good quality and tasty burger place, whose burger price is well over $10. My choice, Magic Shroom, was the best burger I’ve ever had less than $10. The buns were fresh and sweet and the meat was tender and tasty. It would’ve been perfect if I had it with a cold beer. The salad was also very good and fresh. From now on, Hopdoddy should be my favorite burger place. B.U.T. unfortunately, two locations in Austin and one in Dallas. Ha Ha.


I definitely recommend Hopdoddy Burger Bar to whoever has the chance to visit So Co District.

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