Dirk’s Coffee

Dirk’s Coffee (4005 Montrose Blvd, Houston) was much better than I expected. It was recommended to me, and I saw it while driving on Montrose Boulevard. At a glimpse while driving, it didn’t look good to me. However, the ambience was different when I walked in.


Cozy and comfortable should be two words I could describe it. The coffee shop appears to be enjoyed by locals in their mid lives, which must be a reason why I felt more comfortable.




The iced latte was good. On the Internet, half of the reviews on this coffee house say its iced coffee is not as good as it advertises and its people are not friendly. I think I sort of get it even though I can’t generalize my experience. If you advertise your product is best, you let people increase their expectations. Then, how good the product is, it is not easy to exceed the expectations. About its baristas, it wasn’t bad or anything. But, when I entered, there was only one girl working and a bit later another guy barista came in. They started some sort of an argument or conversation, and the small shop resounded with the girl’s voice. Whatever they had, they should have kept it within themselves. Otherwise, I loved Dirk’s Coffee and would visit again.  By the way, It offers a free wifi.


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