Mokah Coffee Bar

Moka Coffee Bar was supposed to be one of the best cafes in Dallas according to Google. On a sunny afternoon, I drove to Mokah Coffee (2803 Taylor St, Dallas) and found it in an unexpected neighborhood. It had a plenty of parking spaces but was located in an area that seemed not so safe to my eyes. No judgment. I tend to get afraid of unfamiliar and old-feel downtowns. 🙂

IMG_7173When I walked in, a group of people were having a meeting over an art event, and I assume it could be a meeting spot for local artists or art minded people as the ambience was very free and I saw some design companies on the way.


Inside felt exactly like a leisure and somewhat boring afternoon. Only were three customers quietly doing their own business in the seating area of the coffee bar.


The seating area looked more of a small independent theater rather than a cafe. It could easily be a stage for a play. Or its tables and chairs arrangement was a trick. Doesn’t it look like a stage?


Anyways, the iced latte was okay. I think so far the iced latte of Inversion Coffee House. IMG_7167

The best part of this coffee bar was its cute blackboard menu.


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