Mission San Jose in San Antonio

Entering San Antonio, we searched a nearby attraction, and Mission San Jose came up. IMG_7429

What I like about Trip Advisor is I meet small surprises like a gift a city could offer to its residents or visitors. It closes at five in the afternoon but the maintenance crew didn’t drive visitors out even after five. We got there fifteen minutes to five and felt so hurry as Mission San Jose looked great.

IMG_7384A miniature of Mission San Jose in the entrance welcomed us.

IMG_7283First, I thought it served as a fortress like the Alamo as high walls surround the mission. According to Wikipedia, it was once crowded with refugees from the closed east Texas mission but not involved in any war activities.

IMG_7293This arched walkway to the church was romantic, and I liked the rough texture.

IMG_7297A statue of Madonna (or Maria?) inside the church.


I am unsure what the room was for. But the room and a lonely wooden table felt solemn.


Who placed this sculpture in the mission and when?

IMG_7309This side of the church must be the most loved view of the mission. I loved it.


A view from the back.

What was impressive was the mission’s wide ground within the walls. I regret that I don’t have a good photo to show it in this post. Mission San Jose must have been a haven to many people.

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