San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden

It was funny that the Chinese Tea Garden gate welcomes visitors to the San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden. After a bit of research, I found why the garden has a funny entrance (You may refer to Wikipedia). As opposed to my low expectation, the garden was enjoyable except the fact it was a bit too big to be a Japanese garden.


Like Moai in Easter Island.

IMG_7438I like a small garden attached to a Japanese traditional style house, which is very green and with a variety of small plants and trees. This garden was way too big so that it should have remained the Chinese Tea Garden. The stone piled pillars look neat.


What was impressive was the shallow pond and a lot of big carps in it.


According to Wikipedia, Common carp leave up to 38 years and grow 110 cm long. I wondered how old they are in the pond.


The start of a short trail leads to the zoo.


I met students from a photography class, wondering why all are female. Look at the little lady model in pink.

IMG_7495I should take a photography class, too but am afraid if might lose interest.


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