Crema Cafe


At a corner of one of the worldly popular attractions for tourists, Harvard Square, Crema Cafe quietly stood with a humble exterior. In mid-March, Boston was still very COLD. We had to dig through a cold-weather clearance section of Macy and buy each of us a faux fur hat that could be worn by dog sellers from cold Manchuria (The waitress from a popular pho restaurant in downtown Boston asked if we are North Koreans. Haha). And my feeling towards the academic city was totally different.

IMG_7903Inside the cafe was cozy and warm and inside me still a bit uneasy due to the cafe being in the Harvard area (No offense or anything, but just my personal thing). It was a small narrow cafe so its upstairs was a cute idea.






It was a short stop only for 10~15 minutes from a long walk in the cold weather. I’d have had more to write about the cute cafe if I were to stay longer to read or study. One thing I can’t fail to write about is its latte. The latte was pricy (close to $5) but the best ever I had. The milk was extremely soft with a rich aroma. Anyone around Harvard Square should try it!

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