Mike’s Pastry

I was curious what people were carrying around, a simple white box wrapped around with white thread and with blue letters on it.

IMG_8143The long line in front of the shop looked it would take way too long to see what’s inside the box. I contemplated whether to join the line or not but gave it a try.

IMG_8078IMG_8108The inside was smaller than I thought and more of a chaos. The colorful decoration made me discouraged and doubt about its pastries. But there should be a reason for so many customers.

IMG_8087Whereas the outside line formed in an orderly fashion, the line disappeared as I stepped in. Several wrapper-cashiers called and helped whoever is next, and I wasn’t sure if a wrapper-cashier called me or if I cut in.


That’s the box and thread, which was tempting (I had to have one in my hand!). A customer picked his/her choices and the wrapper-cashier placed them in a box and used the thread from the ceiling.


I picked my choices without knowing exactly what they are. To be frank, I just wanted to see my patries being wrapped and feel it dangling at the tip of my fingers. 🙂


It took about 30 ~ 40 minutes to complete a transaction from lining up.


The inside of the box. Are you curious how good they were? The two from the right were okay for me. But the yellow thing (the name forgotten) was unforgettable. I should have bought three of it. It was very soft, juicy and perfectly sweet! If you are around, you should try it (300 Hanover St, Boston).

Some cupcakes.


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