Bayou City Art Festival (Houston) 2013

On a very spring afternoon, Memorial Park was visited by many art lovers including wanderers like us who enjoyed the perfect crispy weather. I noticed the annual art festival on the first spring I moved to Houston during a run at the park, and I would have missed the festival forever if I didn’t notice the sign (‘Art Festival Shuttle available…’) on I-10.


It was very difficult to find a parking spot so we had to walk 30 minutes to the entrance. But it was more than worth the walk. I must confess I have no eye for art but I enjoyed the festival very much partly due to the spring weather and being outdoor.

Now I am reading “Sparks of Genius”, which I believe brillant and says every genius in any fields such as art, literature, mathematics, and science gets a spark that is preverbal and must be translated into a form – writing, painting, a mathematic formular, and such-that others would also understand. The spark is ‘felt’ by the genius during reading a book, taking an afternoon walk, and of course observing art pieces like those at the Houston Festival.

Walking through the art pieces was a great pleasure. Here are some for you.










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