Culture Espresso

It felt good that I didn’t have to see ‘something’ in the city. Wandering was enough this time, and sitting at Culture Espresso was more than enough. I started liking the city.

IMG_8767Culture Espresso was located at the corner of 72 West 38th St.
Manhattan with a line of people who wanted to get an afternoon coffee. And I become excited to enjoy a time of doing nothing with a fine latte.

IMG_8735The inside was simple and clean and smaller than I anticipated (I should be thankful to find a nice cafe like this with seats in this expensive city, though).

IMG_8744Many people came and went with their choice of coffee, many of which were espressos, while some enjoyed their afternoon hours in the cafe.

IMG_8748Fortunately, I took a seat without a wait. The iced latte was strong and soft. Good enough to fill my leisure afternoon with a sense of self-satisfaction.

IMG_8765In Manhattan, I often see people who write on a notebook (not a computer) like a writer’s old notebook. Then I am always curious what they dream about. Of course, a lot of Apple notebook users are seen.

IMG_8762I know I won’t be a dweller in the city but at least will be a daily traveler to it. I must be getting used happily to share a table with strangers.

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