Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market

I moved to Northern New Jersey about a month ago. The first week was very hot without a good conditioning system like that of my Houston home. Even a few weeks later, I am enjoying a nice weather with cool breezes every day.

A state-wide moving requires a lot of shopping from trivial items to furniture. While most of shopping is done, we still need small furniture such as console and night stand. So I went to Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market to find inexpensive antique furniture (W 39th & 9th Ave., Manhattan).

IMG_9329Betraying my anticipation – many people going through many inexpensive items, the flea market was quiet without many vendors nor customers.

IMG_9317_2However, there were some items I liked. Chest boxes! It could be a nice decorating but practical item.

IMG_9309 IMG_9304

And more photos from the market. Interesting items.

IMG_9311IMG_9315I should have bought the cat plate. It is vivid.


This is my cat Sol enjoying her new life on a new cat tower. She managed to do a state-wide moving with her senior Heedong.



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