Julius Caesar at the Met




Someone said: if you loved your first opera, you would love opera forever. If you didn’t, you won’t. According to the someone, I will be a moderate fan of opera. I’ve been to concerts, musicals and cirque du soleils, but Julius Caesar was my first opera and I didn’t know it would be that long: over four hours with two intermissions. I didn’t fall in love with the opera but I liked the music. When I first saw the ‘O’ show, a famous and popular Las Vegas cirque du soleil, I loved the ‘music’ even though I am not a fan of circus.

IMG_8898 People dressed up, walking on the red carpet. Umm, a good feeling.



The opera started elegantly with baroque music, which was calm, smooth and warm. The stage was inclined upward so the performers in the back looked much bigger. Without the summary of the story in the booklet, I wouldn’t have understood what was going on (of course, the arias were not in English. :))


IMG_8912As photography was not allowed during the performance, I took some in the intermissions.

IMG_8910I am wondering what kind of instrument the musician in the above photo played. It sounded like a cheery guitar (to me) and was a familiar sound that I heard from a music film. It may be a baroque piano? lol

IMG_8922During the intermissions, the opera house smelt wine. The line was very long, and I wondered if the people could get their drink and had the time to finish it!

IMG_8918An impressive wall. With the faces of the musicians, it seemed radiating the energy of history of the opera house.

IMG_8939The end.

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