The New York Public Library (At Bryant Park)


Every library awes me because of the atmosphere and books. Even though I spent only a little bit of time as a tourist, about which I would have hated if I was a library patron, it was good being there. In particular, I felt solemn due to its size.



If I remember correctly, the stairs were seen at Sex and the City for Carrie’s and Mr. Big’s wedding. It would be romantic to have a wedding there.

IMG_8801A hallway.

IMG_8824A reading room. I wouldn’t like it if tourists take pictures and pass by. πŸ™‚

IMG_8829Look at the size of the room.

IMG_8799A charming cafe. I liked brightness and simplicity.

This New York Public Library would be a good place to have a quiet relaxing time after many hours of walking in Manhattan. It brought back memories at my college library, a more humble yet nicer for work or study.

2 thoughts on “The New York Public Library (At Bryant Park)

  1. Agreed, the architecture of the New York Public Library is incredible. It’s a truly inspiring place. I did not know it was the location of Carrie’s and Mr. Big’s wedding! Though, I’m not surprised.

    Thank you for featuring! Continue the good work.

    • I appreciate your good comment. I assume you are in real estate business and am not surprised either that you see a lot of incredible buildings like the library. πŸ™‚

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