The power of green

I’ve just returned from a trip to the west coast. It has been 3 years since my last visit to Los Angeles and Las Vegas and 16 years to Grand Canyon. I will post about the trip soon. Today, I like to share how greenery gives one tranquilness.

I lived in the LA area for 3 years and other states for over 13 years. New Jersey, aka, the Garden State, is really green. The states I lived prior to New Jersey only make me realize how green New Jersey is. Although the road condition is poor, it is greatly enjoyable driving between the woods of New Jersey. Both Los Angeles and Las Vegas are tourist cities, but I realized during this trip that the cities were not attractive anymore (Grand Canyon was superb, though!).

In my neighbor, there is a county park, Van Saun County Park. (Sorry it is in Korean. I drafted about this park on wordpress but my laziness failed it. I just hope you enjoy the pictures.) I was very happy to find this park near my new home. Beginning a day with a walk at the park was a pleasure as it was refreshing every morning and I was able to stay scheduled in my freelancing life. However, one day, exploring the neighbor, my husband and I found a little treasure.

IMG_9941Only 10 minutes away from home. The reservoir is for drinking water so the area is well secured and very quiet because it is not a park. There are only 4~5 cars parked at a time throughout the day.


You exchange only 5~6 good mornings during a 40-minute walk.

IMG_9919Or the count doubles if you count the happy dogs. About 7 in 10 walks with dogs.

20130906_16553420130829_111012 (1)These deers seem to live here. I saw them most of the time.

20130906_171200Yesterday, I saw these chicks, appearing to be goslings. As I was walking closer to take a picture, one of them flew away, only several feet. However the other seemed too young to fly.


This one didn’t move. It shrunk with fear. I could see its heart pumping so I had to let go after a few pictures!

I missed this little secret trail, wandering in Los Angeles. Every morning I walk on the trail, breathing in and out of the fresh air. Isn’t it good enough to love New Jersey, or my neighborhood?

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