Furious S. Koreans placed an ad in the New York Times


Furious S. Koreans placed a full-page ad in The New York Times last Sunday.

The ad headlines ‘BRING THE TRUTH TO LIGHT’ with a sub-headline “Why are Koreans outraged by President Park Geun-hye?” More than three hundred people were trapped in the South Korea Ferry Sewol on April 16, but no one has been rescued. The Park Administration has been busy hiding the truth and facts utilizing the mainstream media and only blaming the captain , crew, and the cruise company. So, furious South Koreans spontaneously organized this campaign to rebuke Park Administration’s incompetence and negligence and media censorship and manipulation.

The ad was funded by 4,129 South Koreans and others who live mainly in the US and the rest of the world and who were concerned about their mother country’s democracy. The fund raising started on April 29 and was open for ten days. The result was a huge success, raising $160,439 of its $58,213 target.

It demands the Park Administration to end control of the media, censorship of the truth, manipulation of public opinion, and suppression of the public’s freedom of speech.

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