Lady M Cake

Most of the reviewers commented Lady M is pricy. So did I. They agreed Lady M is the best. So did I.

$8 for a piece of Green tea crepe and $4 for an espresso. The coffee I understand at its location, right across from Central Park, but the crepe was surely expensive for a piece of cake. Many called it a little luxury of their own. I didn’t like the calling it luxury, though, because it felt that I am a pretentious buyer who buys a piece of luxury accessory because of a financial constraint, but who desperately wants an experience of luxury.

Anyone who is around should try it. A pretentious luxury or not, it doesn’t matter. Its crepes are so good.

Grand Canyon and my longing for more of those

We travelled to the west during the labor day weekend and it was my return to California in three years. Orange County I once lived in, Los Angeles I often visited to and Las Vegas I occasionally had fun in remained unchanged. Except the great weather, I didn’t like there at all when I was a resident. However, a place that I hope remains unchanged was still there, indifferent from my memory of it.





IMG_0255My longing for Spring grows every day. The next one will be Yellowstone National Park.

Sculptures and something similar

Metropolitan Museum of Art was where my aimless walking has started. My first memories – back to 1996 – to this museum remain with 1) a liking of its reasonableness to allow an entrance ticket valid for a week, 2) a fresh feeling of banning a backpack being worn on one’s back and 3) a shame of belonging to the group whose a male member showed off a picture in which he was posing in front of Picasso’s “Guernica”, one of the photography-banned pieces. I revisited the museum, wondering how I would feel and what I will see this time. My favoritism over clean, quiet and well-arranged spaces was felt and sculptures and similar pieces seen. Sculptures felt intense and their heavy materials spurted energy.

The aimless walking has begun through the streets of Manhattan.