In a neighborhood I haven’t expected, Antidote was there like the backyard of a house where friends leisurely enjoy their Friday evening. And there was a priviate party on the day I stopped by. Who would have thought of throwing a party there? It was a neat idea.

IMG_9033 A look from the outside.


Ordering is done here, and it offers a variety of wines as well as coffees.

IMG_9026There’s more than coffee or wine. You can enjoy hot dogs from this food trailer.

IMG_9032 Get your drink and/or hot dog, and leave before this disproportional guy starts speaking to you. 🙂


Looks of the inside.



The cafe is located in a residential area where only a few shops and stores are around. That makes the atmosphere of the cafe homey and comfortable. Just as like the backyard of someone’s house. Whoever around in Houston should try this cafe for her/his relaxed time.

Culture Espresso

It felt good that I didn’t have to see ‘something’ in the city. Wandering was enough this time, and sitting at Culture Espresso was more than enough. I started liking the city.

IMG_8767Culture Espresso was located at the corner of 72 West 38th St.
Manhattan with a line of people who wanted to get an afternoon coffee. And I become excited to enjoy a time of doing nothing with a fine latte.

IMG_8735The inside was simple and clean and smaller than I anticipated (I should be thankful to find a nice cafe like this with seats in this expensive city, though).

IMG_8744Many people came and went with their choice of coffee, many of which were espressos, while some enjoyed their afternoon hours in the cafe.

IMG_8748Fortunately, I took a seat without a wait. The iced latte was strong and soft. Good enough to fill my leisure afternoon with a sense of self-satisfaction.

IMG_8765In Manhattan, I often see people who write on a notebook (not a computer) like a writer’s old notebook. Then I am always curious what they dream about. Of course, a lot of Apple notebook users are seen.

IMG_8762I know I won’t be a dweller in the city but at least will be a daily traveler to it. I must be getting used happily to share a table with strangers.


Driving up and down the downtown Austin, this cafe caught my eyes. It felt very relaxed and free to the eyes of a passerby. Coffee, Bar, and Lounge. An interesting combination.


For coffee.



For drink and smoke.


For a couple for a sweet and fun mood.


The place reminded me of an exotic bar seen in a movie. Located at 218 W 4th Street, Austin, TX. It didn’t create an atmosphere for studying or reading, but was quite nice to hang with friends.

Crema Cafe


At a corner of one of the worldly popular attractions for tourists, Harvard Square, Crema Cafe quietly stood with a humble exterior. In mid-March, Boston was still very COLD. We had to dig through a cold-weather clearance section of Macy and buy each of us a faux fur hat that could be worn by dog sellers from cold Manchuria (The waitress from a popular pho restaurant in downtown Boston asked if we are North Koreans. Haha). And my feeling towards the academic city was totally different.

IMG_7903Inside the cafe was cozy and warm and inside me still a bit uneasy due to the cafe being in the Harvard area (No offense or anything, but just my personal thing). It was a small narrow cafe so its upstairs was a cute idea.






It was a short stop only for 10~15 minutes from a long walk in the cold weather. I’d have had more to write about the cute cafe if I were to stay longer to read or study. One thing I can’t fail to write about is its latte. The latte was pricy (close to $5) but the best ever I had. The milk was extremely soft with a rich aroma. Anyone around Harvard Square should try it!