Lady M Cake

Most of the reviewers commented Lady M is pricy. So did I. They agreed Lady M is the best. So did I.

$8 for a piece of Green tea crepe and $4 for an espresso. The coffee I understand at its location, right across from Central Park, but the crepe was surely expensive for a piece of cake. Many called it a little luxury of their own. I didn’t like the calling it luxury, though, because it felt that I am a pretentious buyer who buys a piece of luxury accessory because of a financial constraint, but who desperately wants an experience of luxury.

Anyone who is around should try it. A pretentious luxury or not, it doesn’t matter. Its crepes are so good.

Hopdoddy Burger Bar

How do you pronounce it? Last time we visited So Co District, the long line got us curious. It was a Sunday late morning this time, and we were lucky to have a seat immediately.


Hopdoddy Burger Bar was a modern casual burger place with good beverage selections ( As its name indicates, there was a good portion of a bar. Instead of trying one of their popular drinks, I think, shakes, we had a coffee and a diet coke. Diet Coke and Root Beer were the only fountain sodas we were familiar with. ūüôā


We lined up to place an order prior to being seated.


Our order was The Classic Burger, Magic Shroom and Spinach & Arugula. The host gave us a seat number while we were placing the order at the counter.


Its modern interior.

IMG_6767Around my place, Beck’s Prime is a casual, good quality and tasty burger place, whose burger price is well over $10. My choice, Magic Shroom, was the best burger I’ve ever had less than $10. The buns were fresh and sweet and the meat was tender and tasty. It would’ve been perfect if I had it with a cold beer. The salad was also very good and fresh. From now on, Hopdoddy should be my favorite burger place. B.U.T. unfortunately, two locations in Austin and one in Dallas. Ha Ha.


I definitely recommend Hopdoddy Burger Bar to whoever has the chance to visit So Co District.

15% Introduction to Philosophy

If a doubt or unclarity surfaces in my mind, I read books, articles on the web and the like. I am not fond of a quick guide such as Something Something for Dummies as I enjoy expanding my knowledge through reading and thinking fundamentals.

Anyways, I¬†have¬†doubts on my Christianity¬†and want to develop my thinking ability in a logical way. Philosophy was the first choice to find out why I am not that into my religion even though I was born in it and to improve my reasoning.¬†‘Sophie’s World: A Novel About the History of Philosophy’ was chosen as it sounded interesting. I am at about 15%¬†of the book but I could clearly see it disguides in a novel form but is very much¬†philosophy. That is, not in a fun novel fashion. Maybe I might¬†move onto the next subject of my choice after reading this introduction rather go¬†deeper in philosophy but I have enjoyed¬†the book so far.

Unsure if I will be able to write a good review¬†of this book after I¬†reached the last page, the most interesting¬†thing so far¬†was human’s ability to reason. Philosophers¬†‘think’¬†logically¬†about human and phenomena of the world.¬†That is the charm of philosophy, a great result of logical thinking.

Film Review: The Vow

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I had two minds: I want to see a movie not as serious! and why do I want to see a romantic movie on the Valentine’s Day weekend? As my mind inclined to the former, I did go see the movie. It was better than I expected – not as fictional as other typical romantic movies because the movie was inspired by true events. Any movie based on a true event or story contains less of the fictional features. But please do not say ‘why don’t you go for a documentary film?’ I do need some drama. During a cameo appearance in Sherlock Holmes: A Games of Shadows, Rachel McAdams’ voice was very noticeably beautiful so that I was a bit excited to hear her voice again in this movie. And I liked her in it even though her blonde hair after she lost her memories was bothersome.

Aspiring art student Paige met musician Leo in beautiful Chicago. They immediately fell in love and got married. During their usual kiss in the car after a movie, they got in an accident, which resulted in Paige’s memory loss of their five-year relationship. Leo, who believes she is the only love in his life, tries enormously hard to win her heart back. However, there was a big obstacle: their backgrounds. Leo seemed from a normal family where Paige was from a wealthy one. Her memory loss brought back her to the old Paige who lived as a rich and was engaged to another man. My summary stops here.

Leo and Paige were a cute couple. The way they loved made me smile even though it was the Valentine’s Day weekend. The movie wasn’t that dramatic, meaning less fictional, or greasy. But If you are tired of see-through movies, I wouldn’t recommend it. Just want to have a warm feeling? Then go for it!