Catalina Coffee

In the Sixth Ward Historic District of Houston, Catalina Coffee (2201 Washington Ave,  Houston) humbly stands. Here is another historic district.IMG_7265

The district was on Washington Avenue, the popular bar street in Houston, but was quiet as opposed to my expectation. As I saw the coffee shop, I wondered how it would look inside and its coffee would taste as it was recommended by many people and has good reviews.


Parking was behind the building, and it had another entrance from the back.


Inside was smaller than I thought, but its antique interior was more than worth visiting. I loved it and realized why it was that popular. The small space was filled with people. I am unsure if it stopped offering wifi or had no wifi history at all. Yes, it didn’t offer wifi, which is, I think, brave these days. 🙂


Because of no wifi, I was debating between Catalina Coffee and Dirk’s Coffee while driving to Catalina Coffee. As soon as I walked inside, I was happy I made there.

IMG_7236I would try it again when an Internet connection is not necessary even though I am unsure if such day would come soon or ever. 🙂 IMG_7241

Its iced latte was the best I’ve tried so far.

IMG_7242IMG_7260The coffee shop had little cute things I wanted to take a picture of. As I was doing my picture taking, one of the baristas asked me if it was for a commercial use. Unless I have a written approval, I can’t take pictures for a commercial use. Certainly, it was for blogging for fun as you see and I said so. And then she okayed. My first thought was that I should have asked if I could, and the second thought was that Catalina Coffee was so popular that its appearance on the press was not unusual.

Whoever lives or visits around should try Catalina Coffee.