Too many SNSs for me

Having been away from Korea, I start an SNS with a hope that a social network service like Facebook, Twitter and Kakaotalk would connect me to the people – long-lost friends, classmates and so on. They did connect me to some of those I missed occasionally for the past years here in the US. We have our own lives so that the connection through the SNSs was no more than exchanging greetings.

Someone said that Twitter is for a short sentence, Facebook for a mid-length sentence and a blog for a long sentence. In relationships, I’d rather have a few close ones than many distant ones. This tendency is also shown in my minimal activities in Facebook, Twitter and Kakaotalk. The SNSs are in easy reach due to my iPhone and have been bothering me in time management. That is, I constantly check my phone to see any updates on the SNSs. So vain and energy-consuming. Last week, I was invited by a friend to install a new app from Kakaotalk. It was a cue for me to drop all those SNSs. I deactivated Facebook and Twitter and blocked all contacts on Kakaotalk except some essential ones.

I will focus on my blogs, which is my medium to claim my existence and reach out the world. I hope to expand my relationships via writing.

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